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Suse Linux

Platform Suse Linux

SUSE Linux is an adaptable and easy to manage platform that allows developers and administrators to deploy business-critical workloads on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge.

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Simplify your IT

SUSE Linux's "common code base" platform connects traditional and software-defined infrastructure. Simplify workload migration, protect your traditional infrastructure, and facilitate container adoption.

Accelerate Innovation

When you're ready to move from development to production, you can easily transition from the openSUSE Leap community Linux distribution to SUSE Linux Enterprise with just a few clicks.

Modernize your Infrastructure

Modernize your IT infrastructure with the SUSE Linux multimodal architecture. With its cloud-independent design, SLES can easily transition to the public cloud: Alibaba, Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, Oracle.


Reliable and secure platform, used in the main companies in the world.

Why choose Suse Linux?

SUSE Linux is an operating system adaptable to any environment, optimized for performance, security and reliability.

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