Suse Rancher

Suse Rancher

The power of Kubernetes in the business revolution

Is your organization deploying Kubernetes clusters to accelerate its digital transformation? SUSE Rancher unifies these clusters to ensure consistent operations, workload management and enterprise-grade security – from the core of the cloud to the edge.


Management of Kubernetes in multiple clusters anywhere

SUSE Rancher meets the needs of DevOps teams that are deploying applications with Kubernetes and IT operations that provide critical business services.


SUSE Rancher is compatible with any Kubernetes distribution certified by CNCF. For local workloads, we offer RKE. Supporting all public cloud distributions, including EKS, AKS and GKE. For EDGE, we offer the K3s.


SUSE Rancher offers simple and consistent cluster operations, including provisioning, version management, visibility and diagnostics, monitoring and alerts and centralized auditing.


SUSE Rancher allows you to automate processes and apply a consistent set of user security and access policies to all your clusters, regardless of where they are running.


SUSE Rancher provides a complete catalog of services for creating, deploying and scaling applications in containers, including application packaging, CI / CD, registration, monitoring and service fabric.

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